Wind Power

Lidar can achieve accurate measurement of 3D wind field in atmospheric boundary layer, flat and complex terrain and offshore wind resource survey, wind turbine power curve test, remote wind tower scan, wind shear analysis, complex terrain and offshore win

Environmental pollution monitoring

It can provide atmospheric material flux and pollutant area transmission and diffusion analysis, as well as complex environmental aerosol distribution and transmission flux research to meet various air quality applications and solve urban and industrial a


The wake vortex generated by the wing tip of the aircraft and the low-altitude wind shear at the airport are meteorological factors affecting the flight safety of the aircraft. In particular, the final approach and initial take-off are the most dangerous


The wind lidar can measure the boundary layer wind field in real time around the clock, and is widely used in meteorological climate research, short-term weather forecasting and weather forecasting mode optimization, aerosol optical characteristic paramet

Successful Cases