Wind Power

Provides accurate 3D wind profile for wind resource survey, turbine power curve test, remote met tower scanning, wind shear analysis, complex terrain and offshore turbine wake test, pitch control, to optimize wind farm site selection and layout.


Observation and alert of the low-level wind shear, aircraft wake vortex, turbulence and gusts, to ensure safe operations during aircraft takeoffs and landings. It’s of great significance to ensure flight safety and improve the transportation capacity.

Environmental pollution monitoring

Provides analysis of atmospheric mass flux, regional pollutant transport and diffusion, as well as research of aerosol distribution and transport flux in complex environment, to solve the air quality problems of cities and industries.


Measures the boundary layer wind field in real-time all-weather. Widely used for meteorological climate research, short-term weather forecast and model optimization, aerosol parameter inversion, low-level wind shear detection.