about leice

QINGDAO Leice Transient Technology Co. LTD.

Qingdao Leice Transient Technology Co.,Ltd (hereafter as "Leice") was founded by a team of professors and experts from Ocean University of China and Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Leice focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and technical services of remote sensing lidars for meteorology. Leice is an international high-tech enterprise, with quality system compliant with ISO9001 standard, and products certified by SGS, WindGuard, DNV_ GL and other international authorities.

After years of independent technology innovation and key technology research, Leice has mastered a number of internationally advanced core technologies of lidar, such as ultra-high-speed photoelectric signal acquisition and processing chip technology, lidar working mode design and data retrieval technology in complex environments, and comprehensive solid-state small-scale lidar engineering technology, mobile (floating) platform lidar precision detection technology, etc., The technical achievements have been successfully applied to a variety of space-borne, airborne, ship-borne and land-based 3D scanning solutions in environmental pollution monitoring, wind power generation, meteorological and ocean exploration etc. It provides important technical support for environmental big data platform, environmental pollution monitoring and control, wind energy resource development and utilization, aerospace security, national defense and military applications.


  • 1998

    1998: The OUC successfully developed the first Doppler wind lidar in China.

    1998: The OUC team led by Prof. Liu Zhishen successfully completed the application of the iodine molecular absorption cell in wind measurement and developed the first Doppler wind lidar in China.
  • 1999

    1999: "Father of Chinese Optics" Academician Wang highly praised our R&D results

    1999: "Father of Chinese Optics" Academician Wang Daheng highly praised the research and development results of the team
  • 2000

    2000: Technical cooperation and talent exchange with US NOAA/NASA

    2000: The OUC team went to the US to exchange experience in wind lidar, and discussed with relevant experts on wind measurement mechanism and engineering technology.
  • 2002

    2002: Technical cooperation and talent exchange with German DLR

    2002: The OUC team visited the German Aerospace Center DLR and discussed with experts on the frequency discrimination system and calibration inversion technology of the wind lidar.
  • 2007

    2007: Successfully developed the first vehicle-mounted wind lidar in China

    2007: The Leice team successfully developed the first vehicle-mounted Doppler wind lidar in China and completed the system performance test 
  • 2008

    2008: Mobile wind lidar system well served the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Competition

    2008: The vehicle-mounted Doppler wind lidar was used for the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Competition of the Beijing Olympic Games, realizing the direct detection of sea level wind field for the first time.
  • 2008

    2008: Mobile wind lidar offered support for "Shenzhou VII" capsule landing

    2008: The vehicle-mounted Doppler wind lidar provides wind measurement support for the landing of the "Shenzhou VII" return module, and accurately predict the landing point of the return module
  • 2009

    2009: First developed the airborne incoherent Doppler wind lidar in China

    2009: Completed the detection experiment of the first airborne incoherent Doppler wind lidar.
  • 2012

    2012: First developed the coherent Doppler wind lidar prototype in China

    2012: Successfully developed a coherent Doppler wind lidar prototype, and carried out several technical upgrades to the prototype system