WindMast 350-M

Marine Wind Lidar

Product Description

WindMast 350-M is a type of pulsed coherent wind lidar for marine application, featured of small size, low power consumption and high measurement precision. It’s specially designed for the harsh marine environment, inheriting all the functional advantages of WindMast WP350. The whole machine is of air-tight design, with the protection level up to IP67 level (it can work normally after being immersed in sea water for a short time), and customized anti-corrosion protection. With the patented correction algorithm of real-time lidar attitude, it can be applied to such floating platforms as buoys.

Functional features and advantages

Wide detection range: 20m ~ 350m, suitable for various impeller diameter and installation environment;

High precision: 0.1m/s, real time attitude correction algorithm for accuracy correction, compliant with OWA standards;

High resolution: data refresh rate at second, 1m range resolution;

Portable: small in size, light in weight, low in power consumption, convenient for transport and booster station integration;

Flexible deployment: can be deployed on buoy, offshore single pile or booster station platform, and powered by complementary wind and solar power or fuel cell;

Unattended: remote access of data acquisition and equipment monitoring, support Beidou satellite data transmission;

High reliability: airtight and anti-corrosion design, continuous and stable operation in harsh offshore environments.

Protection grade: IP67

Correction algorithm: real-time attitude correction

Technical specifications

Specifications Parameter
Detection range 20m~350m
Range gates 20m~350m 30 range gates, 1m range resolution
Laser wavelength 1550nm,invisible and eye safe
Data refresh time 1s/1min /2min /5min /10min(configurable)
Measuring range of wind velocity 0~75m/s
Wind velocity accuracy ≤0.1m/s
Wind direction accuracy <3°
Scanning modes Multiple beam scanning / VAD
Data outputs
wind velocity and wind direction at second, time-average wind velocity and wind direction, vertical wind velocity, min./max. horizontal wind velocity, mean square deviation of wind velocity (turbulence intensity), wind shear index, SNR, GPS position and time, lidar status, surface atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure etc.
Weight <30kg

Classic cases