about leice

QINGDAO Leice Transient Technology Co. LTD.

QINGDAO Leice Transient Technology Co., Ltd.focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and technical services of environmental meteorological lidar. Based on the research and engineering achievements of the advanced laser remote sensing technology of China Ocean University for more than 20 years, after years of independent technological innovation and key technical research, the company has mastered a number of international advanced LiDAR core technologies, including atmospheric wind field, water vapor, temperature and aerosol detection. The technical achievements have been successfully applied to meteorological detection, pollution monitoring, wind power generation, and aerosol detection. In the fields of Atmospheric Physics and climate research, aviation meteorology and other fields, it provides key technologies and equipment support for the construction of "smart meteorology" platform, environmental pollution monitoring and control, the development and utilization of wind energy resources, and aviation safety guarantee in China.

Technical advantages

  • Design of Lidar system

    Meteorological and environmental monitoring lidar

  • Independent innovation
    of core components

    Photoelectric mixing and high speed signal processing

  • Algorithm of signal analysis and data inversion

    Stereoscopic profile of atmosphere and ocean

  • Application of fixed and
    mobile multi-platform

    Land-based, on-board, shipborne, airborne and satellite

  • Comprehensive and fast technical support capability

    Devices, complete machines, field implementation and application services

Application areas

Technical team

Relying on the research team of China Ocean University and Leice Transient Technology Research Institute, etc., the company has established a first-class technical and management team. The proportion of doctors exceeds 30%, and the proportion of masters exceeds 70%. The team maintains close technical talent exchange and project cooperation with domestic university research institutions and international leading Lidar research institutions, such as ESA, DLR-IAP, TROPOS, DTU, etc. Through the benchmarking with domestic and foreign first-class standards, we always maintain the advanced nature of technology and product solutions.