Wind Power

Lidar can achieve accurate measurement of 3D wind field in atmospheric boundary layer, flat and complex terrain and offshore wind resource survey, wind turbine power curve test, remote wind tower scan, wind shear analysis, complex terrain and offshore win

      The wind shear index represents the change in wind speed at a vertical height. Measuring a high wind speed can infer the wind speed 
      at any height near the ground. Wind shear is an important parameter for the feasibility study of wind farm development and construction.
      It affects the selection and arrangement of wind turbines, which in turn affects the economic benefits of wind farms.

       The wake of the wind turbine at the upwind will have an impact on the wind turbine at the downwind. By analyzing the wake effect
      the wind turbine layout design can be optimized in the early stage to reduce operating costs and increase annual power generation.

      The wind power prediction system can predict the wind energy generated by the wind farm over a long period of time, which is of
      great significance to the operation of the wind power system and the improvement of the wind power acceptance capability.The wind
      Lidar can measure the rapid change of wind in a short time and improve the accuracy of wind power prediction.

      Detecting wind fields in flat terrain and complex terrain. Wind resource exploration by providing storable data to wind farm customers
      is conducive to the optimization of wind farm site selection and wind turbine layout, improving wind farm operation efficiency and
      providing more competitive wind resources.


      The power generation performance of the wind turbine is evaluated by measuring the relationship between wind speed and wind
      turbine output power.