WindMast Tropo

Direct-detection Tropospheric Wind Lidar

Product Description

Fully auto-function lidar without environmental electromagnetic interference, can directly detect the three-dimensional wind field data of the tropopause.

On basis of the doppler effect of atmospheric molecules and aerosols, it can detect the atmospheric wind profile three-dimensional wind field, temperature profile, cloud and aerosol optical properties in real time.

The whole machine is designed for small square cabins and can be mounted on various mobile platforms.

Functional Features and Advantages

Adopting aerosol scattering sensitive detection waveband and taking into account the scattering efficiency of atmospheric molecules, it can continuously detect the vertical profile of wind speed and direction, cloud and aerosol extinction coefficient within 12km from the ground to the tropopause. It’s capable of comprehensive meteorological parameter detection such as temperature profile.

The system is equipped with a scanner, which can perform three-dimensional scanning and detection of atmospheric wind fields and aerosols, and supports multiple scanning modes such as DBS/VAD/PPI/RHI/CAPPI.

The system has high spectral resolution (HSRL) based on the atomic filter, and the true value of the aerosol extinction coefficient can be obtained without assuming the Lidar Ratio.

The system is integrated in a small square cabin, convenient for installation on various fixed or mobile platforms, able to work under different environmental conditions.

Technical specifications

Specifications Parameter
Laser emission wavelength 532nm/355nm
Pulse repetition frequency 100 Hz
Detection distance 0.2-12km
Distance resolution 3.75m/10m/50m
Servo pointing accuracy


Servo scanning range heading angle: 0°~360°, pitch angle: 0°~180°

Speed range 0~50m/s
Wind speed detection accuracy 1 m/s
Wind direction detection accuracy
Data products wind profile, cloud and aerosol characteristics, radial wind speed in PPI/RHI/CAPPI modes, temperature profile (extensible)

Classic cases