WindMast 3000AB

Airborne Doppler Wind Lidar

Product Description

The airborne coherent wind lidar WindMast 3000AB is a miniaturized wind lidar system with high integration and can be carried by many mobile platforms such as UAV etc.

WindMast 3000AB has the function of automatic correction of platform attitude and motion velocity, which can detect 3D wind field in atmospheric boundary layer in real time.

WindMast 3000AB can be used in environmental monitoring, ocean exploration and boundary layer atmospheric dynamics.

Functional Features and Advantages

UAV platform measurement: fast real time attitude and velocity correction of mobile platform.

Long detection range: 40m-3000m, covering the atmospheric boundary layer.

Flexible layout: small size, light weight, carried by small UAV.

Strong robustness: pass airborne environmental vibration and electromagnetic compatibility test.

Technical specifications

Specifications Parameter
Detection range 40-3000m
Range resolution 15m/30m
Wind measurement accuracy wind velocity accuracy ≤0.5m/s wind direction accuracy ≤5°
Data refresh rate 1s
Scanning modes VAD/DBS
Power consumption ≤ 200W

Weight ≤30kg

Data output

Wind profile, 3D wind field, wind shear, clear sky turbulence, atmospheric boundary layer structure

Classic cases