WindMast 350-MP

Single Piled Wind Lidar

Product Description

The WindMast350-MP system is designed for offshore wind measurement, with mature technology and flexible installation methods. It can be installed on existing platforms or to-be-built platforms. The whole system includes wind measurement lidar, customized power supply system, protection system, GPS/Beidou satellite communication system etc., which can ensure accurate measurement and stable work under severe weather and sea conditions.

Functional features and advantages

Wide detection range: 20m ~ 350m, suitable for various impeller diameter and installation environment;

High precision: 0.1m/s, compliant with IEC61400-12-1:2017 international standards;

High resolution: data refresh rate at second, 1m range resolution;

Long endurance time: endurance time is more than 20 days, solar power supply system, and optional wind generator and fuel cell

Multi-parameter monitoring: equipped with wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors

High stability design: internal state self-check and self-recovery, fault classification and automatic reboot, system power supply detection and measurement self-start

Customized protection system: lightning protection, wave protection, salt spray protection, sun exposure protection, etc.

GPRS/Beidou satellite communication: double backup of data transmission channel, separate control channel (system power-off reset control)

Technical specifications

Specifications Parameter
Detection range 20m~350m
Range gates 20~350m  30 range gates, 1m range resolution
Laser wavelength 1550nm,invisible and eye safe
Data refresh time 1s/1min /2min /5min /10min(configurable)
Measuring range of wind velocity 0~75m/s
Wind velocity accuracy ≤0.1m/s
Wind direction accuracy <3°
Scanning modes Multiple beam scanning / VAD
Data outputs wind velocity and wind direction at second, time-average wind velocity and wind direction, vertical wind velocity, min./max. horizontal wind velocity, mean square deviation of wind velocity (turbulence intensity), wind shear index, SNR, GPS position and time, lidar status, surface atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure etc.
Technical Parameters of Platform
Platform water surface height 10m
Platform size 5m*5m
Water surface diameter of pile 1.8m
Submarine foundation diameter of pile 2.8m
Anti-corrosion grade C5-M ISO12944,ISO9226

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