WindMast 350-MB

Marine Floating Wind Lidar

Product Description

The WindMast350-MB system is self-developed upon patented technology, including wind measurement lidar, 10m large buoy platform, self-powered system, Beidou positioning and communication system, correction algorithm of motion platform attitude etc. Various technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, which can ensure accurate measurement and stable per under severe weather and marine conditions.

Functional features and advantages

Exclusive correction algorithm of real-time lidar attitude

10-meter large buoy suitable for sea conditions and strong typhoon weather

Beidou communication with data security protection, suitable for deep-sea survey

Measurement results greatly exceed the efficiency requirements by international standards

Technical specifications

Specifications Parameter
Detection range 20m~350m
Range gates 20~350m 30 range gates, 1m range resolution

Laser wavelength 1550nm,invisible and eye safe

Data refresh time 1s/1min /2min /5min /10min(configurable)
Measuring range of wind velocity 0~75m/s
Wind velocity accuracy ≤0.1m/s
Wind direction accuracy <3°
Scanning modes Multiple beam scanning / VAD
Data outputs

wind velocity and wind direction at second, time-average wind velocity and wind direction, vertical wind velocity, min./max. horizontal wind velocity, mean square deviation of wind velocity (turbulence intensity), wind shear index, SNR, GPS position and time, lidar status, surface atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure etc.

Technical Parameters of Buoys Platform
Buoy diameter 10m
Buoy height ≥6.5m
Reserve buoyancy ≥50t
Stability criteria >1.7
Maximum swing angle ≤30°
Working water depth 10m-200m
Maximum wind speed <60m/s

Maximum wave heigh

Maximum flow rate <6kn
Auxiliary accessories

navigation lights, lightning rods, equipment protection boards and other necessary warning protection components

Positioning system

Beidou satellite real-time positioning, real-time monitoring of buoy position and status by user management platform

Navigation ligh SHD-1 cold light source navigation light (IALA standard navigation light, protection grade IP68)

Design life 20 years


Max. wind speed:<60m/s;Ambient temperature:-20℃~+45℃;Relative humidity:10-100%

Anchor system 3 tons LWT with gear anchor

Solar panels 100W 36 main force

Battery ≥6000Ah / 30 days power supply capacity

Classic cases