Wind3D 6000

3D Scanning Wind Lidar

Product Description

Based on the principle of optical pulse coherent Doppler shift detection, Wind3D 6000 can realize the fine detection of the 3D wind field of the middle and lower troposphere (including the atmospheric boundary layer).

Highly pointed precision optical scanning mirror for 3D scanning detection.

(DBS/VAD/PPI/RHI/CAPPI fixed-point scanning mode), the detection radius can be up to 6km.

In order to meet complex wind measurement requirements such as complex terrain wind field, wind turbine wake,remote virtual wind tower at sea, and stereoscopic distribution of atmospheric pollutants, we have specially developed lidar 3D stereo scanning, virtual wind tower, multi-lidar coordination, etc. Detection mode. Provide users with a full range of customized solutions and services.

Functional features and advantages

3D wind field detection: long distance, 3D stereo wind field detection system

High precision: achieved wind cup-level wind measurement accuracy (<0.1m/s), and passed IEC61400-12-1:2017 international standard inspection

Large range: detection radius >6km (expandable)

Multi-scan mode: DBS/VAD/RHI/PPI/CAPPI virtual wind tower, etc. , and support for Lidar script programming.

High resolution: data refresh rate : 10Hz distance resolution :15m

Flexible deployment: small size, light weight, low power consumption, and easy to build and transfer in the field

Automatic unattended observation: remote networked data acquisition and device monitoring

Strong robustness: continuous and stable operation in harsh environments on land and at sea

Technical specifications

Specifications Parameter



Radial detection range


Radial range resolution


Data updating rate


Radial wind speed range


Radial Wind speed accuracy


Scanning servo accuracy


Detection modes

DBS/ VAD/ PPI/ RHI/ VOL/ fixed point / CAPPI/ virtual tower stare (VTS)/ Glide Path Scan (GPScan) / multi-lidar measurement

Data product DBS/ VAD Wind profile, vertical flow, RHI/PPI/ CAPPI radial velocity, virtual tower stare (VTS),turbulence wake, wake vortex, wind shear, backscatter intensity, multi-lidar measurement, GNSS position, lidar status, temperature, humidity, pressure



Classic cases