WindMast PBL

Boundary Layer Wind Profile Lidar

Product Description

Based on the principle of optical pulse coherent Doppler shift detection, WindMast PBL can meet the high-precision and refined detection requirements of atmospheric three-dimensional wind field in the atmospheric boundary layer.

Real-time output of wind profile, turbulence intensity, vertical airflow, boundary layer (cloud bottom) height, SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), backscattering intensity, ground temperature and humidity, and other data products.

It is widely used in meteorological climate research, weather forecasting model assimilation, atmospheric material flux and pollutant area transmission and diffusion research, low-altitude wind shear detection and many other fields.

Functional features and advantages

Efficient cost ratio: ultra-low blind zone, high efficiency and cost-effective mini-wind profile solution detection system

Large range: 30m minimum measurement height, 15m distance resolution

High precision: 0.1m/s, tested by IEC61400-12-1: 2017 international standard

High resolution: second data refresh rate, 15m distance resolution

Easy to carry: small size, light weight, low power consumption, easy to transport

Flexible deployment: easy to operate, support mobile platform navigation measurement

Automatic unattended observation: remote networked data acquisition and device monitoring

Strong robustness: continuous and stable operation in harsh environments on land and at sea

Technical specifications

Specifications Parameter



Detection height range

30m~2000m(short-distance type),30m~4000m(long-distance type)

Radial range resolution


Data updating time


Wind speed range


Wind speed accuracy


Wind direction accuracy


Data product

Second-order and time-average data include wind speed and direction,vertical speed, maximum and minimum horizontal wind speed, wind speed mean square error (turbulence intensity),Wind shear index, SNR signal to noise ratio data, backscatter coefficient THI, GNSS position time,lidar state data,Ground atmospheric temperature, humidity, pressure data, etc.



Classic cases