WindMast WP350

Vertical Wind Mast Type Lidar

Product Description

The WindMast WP350 is a "wind tower replacement" type pulse coherent wind laser radar. It is compact, low power, high precision and is designed and manufactured based on the IEC 61400-12-1:2017 standard.

The wind speed and wind profile of any 30 height gates from 20m to 350m above the lidar can be continuously detected throughout the day.

It is suitable for wind resource exploration and evaluation, wind turbine power curve test, wind power prediction, complex terrain wind shear analysis, atmospheric boundary layer dynamics research and other fields.

Functional features and advantages

Wide width range: 20m~350m, adapt to various impeller diameters and installation environment

High precision: 0.1m/s, tested by IEC61400-12-1: 2017 international standard

High resolution: second data refresh rate, 1m distance resolution

Easy to carry: small size, light weight, low power consumption, easy to transport

Flexible deployment: simple operation, complementary scenery or fuel cell power supply

Automatic unattended observation: remote networked data acquisition and device monitoring

Strong robustness: continuous and stable operation in harsh environments on land and at sea

Technical specifications

Specifications Parameter


1.5μm  Eye-safe

Detection height range


Spatial resolution

Software can be configured with any 30 heights in the range of 20-350m, the highest resolution is 1m

Data updating time


Wind speed range


Wind speed accuracy


Wind direction accuracy

Data product

Second-order and time-average data include wind speed and direction, vertical speed, maximum and minimum horizontal wind speed, wind speed mean square error (turbulence intensity),
Wind shear index, SNR signal to noise ratio data, GNSS position time, radar status data, surface atmospheric temperature, humidity,
Pressure data, etc.